Red Lines

by Brumblehag

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released June 1, 2017

All songs arranged, performed and recorded by Brumblehag
All songs written by Jesse Alejandro Cottrell

Additional recording by Grady O'Neal at Tiki Studio in San Jose, California

Album artwork by Matthew Ferry




Brumblehag San Francisco, California

Brumblehag is a Bay Area band composed of Matthew Ferry and Jesse Alejandro Cottrell.

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Track Name: The Ballad of Alex Nieto
A Frisco homie killed by cops
14 bullets til they stopped
To check him, make sure they wrecked him
Severed spine, shattered jaw
For a homie if the law
Selects him, if Frisco police get him
He was up on Bernal Hill
Sitting where he always chilled
Since childhood, thinking “this is my hood”
The cops arrived, thoughts awry,
What they saw a stereotype
A hood rat, murder’s what he’s good at

The cops only were there
Cause the hood’s gentrified
The new neighbors were scared
Called the cops, homie died

For 28 years he had lived here
Walked Bernal Hill
With his parents when he was a child
Fresco has changed, the place is deranged
Watch out you’ll get killed
When you see the police, smile

Saggy pants, Niners gear
Filled the techies full of fear
New neighbors, the Google, Uber labor
An email market specialist
Saw the homie as a risk
A hood rat, murder’s what he’s good at
He saw the homie gun in hand
What he didn’t understand
Till later, the gun was just a taser
On the homie’s face a frown
A big dog had just chased him down
The weapon, pulled out to protect him

The techie called the police
What came next, no surprise
Homies a dying breed
Where the hood’s gentrified

For just a few years the techies been here
They walk Bernal Hill
They don’t know that they’re the scary ones
The city has changed, the place is deranged
Watch out you’ll get killed
When you see a techie, run
Track Name: Waters That Rise
Look at the waters that rise
Til they climb over your eyes
Sleep in the sun without fear
Snow’s coming later this year

Like a broken soda fountain drips so sweet
Nobody has to quit dancing in this heat
If you can dance you can swim, you will not drown
If you can swim no water can hold you down

Pick up your shoes
Dance and get high
Nothing to lose
Let the sea rise
Music won’t stop
Keep your smile bright
And when the sun drops
Turn up the lights

If you are scared you will sink
Open your mouth take a drink
If you will drown anyway
Might as well have a taste

Later you’re going to a party
Get up even if you’re gasping if you’re dead
Water’s a glowing like a dance floor now
Shake it until the water breaks over your head

Pick up your shoes
Dance and get high
Nothing to lose
Let the sea rise
Music won’t stop
Keep your smile bright
And when the sun drops
Turn up the lights

Breath, take a breath without air
See? There’s no reason to care
Your head is so light it can float
Over the waves like a boat

Higher waves
Swimming’s the plan
Hotter days
More time to tan
Hit the beach
Soak up the sun
Was never so fun
Track Name: The Death of Dignity
I won’t regret, I won’t regret
If you stay or if you leave
I won’t regret, I won’t regret
The death of dignity

We’ll push up a boulder to a mountain top
Wishing each step was the end
Just as we summit, we’re about to stop
The boulder will crumble again

I won’t regret, I won’t regret
The knot my stomach’s in
I won’t regret, I won’t regret
These thoughts of plummeting

We’ll hang from a window 30 stories high
Clutching the edge, clutching hands
Enjoying the view we will be mortified
That neither of us has a plan

Pull up the sidewalk, rip up the gas pipes
Explode the neighborhood
Tear down the ceiling, bust up the walls
Destroy like ragers should

Pull up your bootstraps, ask yourself “who’s that
exploding in my eyes?”
Tear down you defense, forget where your pride went
Your dignity has died

We’ll talk on the phone all night and say too much
Confess every sin til we cry
Accuse and abuse, threaten delay of touch
Profess that our tear ducts are dry

But next time we see each other we’ll explode
Let someone else clean it up
Kinetic, pathetic every episode
Let someone else give a fuck
Track Name: New York Gets Old
New York you're making me soft
New York you're making me old
I'm on fire but I'm always cold
And I'm tired but you won't sleep

You just nap when you're on the train
Eyes closed, crime on the brain
And every stop you wake up again
And see you ain't there yet

I always dreamed New York would wipe clean all the bad in me
But lately it seems this town makes me not give a damn
The ups are so high and the downs are so low
Being young gets old
My eyes always hurt cause sleeping is cursed as
Deaths cousin so
Folks mustn't show
How tired they are

New York you've taken my nights
Stretched em out all over my life
Your street lamps are my only lights
I ain't sure my eyes work

My dreams were s'posed to come true
Instead my dreams became you
New York oh what do I do?
I'm tired but I can't sleep
I can't—

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